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Pebbles and Sandy

  • Pebbles and Sandy
  • Pebbles and Sandy
  • Pebbles and Sandy
  • Pebbles and Sandy
  • Pebbles and Sandy
Type : Adoption
Date : July 22, 2019
Estimated Animal Age : <1

Pebbles and Sandy are an adorable pair of female kittens looking for a permanent home.

Pebbles was found hiding alone in the bushes, crying for help, covered in mud. She was terrified of humans, so we caught her using a humane cat trap. After several weeks of socialisation – slowly getting her accustomed to interacting with humans – she is now amazingly affectionate! With the humans she knows now, she demands constant cuddles, purrs like a machine, and gives adorable little nose kisses. It’s important to note that Pebbles is still cautious when she meets new people, or when there is a lot of activity and noise around. She can adjust to new people, but needs to be properly and carefully introduced. It can take several days before she is comfortable with a new person, and may take longer to adjust to a new environment. 

Pebbles is now around four months old. She has white and black fur, funny paws that seem disproportionately large compared to her tiny legs, and an incredibly cute squeaky meow.

We found Sandy wandering alone near the highway, rooting around in a patch of sand for something to eat. She was very friendly, so we were able to pick her up and take her straight home. She was starving and covered in fleas, so she was very happy to find that we gave her a constant supply of food. She was less happy that we gave her a bath, but at least it got rid of her fleas! Sandy is very energetic, and absolutely loves to play. She initially preferred playing to cuddling, but she is now more balanced and likes a bit of both. 

Sandy is now around five months old. She has mainly white fur with some ginger and black patches on her head and tail. Her fur is irresistibly soft; she may be the softest cat I have ever felt! 

Pebbles and Sandy: Best Friends 
Pebbles and Sandy were rescued a few days apart. When they were first introduced to each other Pebbles was a little shy, but after a couple of days her confidence grew and we saw that Pebbles and Sandy are quite evenly matched. They are now the best of friends. They play together, they eat from the same bowl (even when we give them one each!), they lick each other, and they cuddle together when they sleep. 

Their New Home 
Since Pebbles and Sandy are so closely bonded, we are looking for a home for them where they can stay together. They are very happy as indoor cats and we would like them to stay that way. Any time outdoors must be limited and closely supervised. They are in the process of completing their vaccinations, and will need to be spayed in two months. 

Pebbles would be more comfortable in an environment free from loud noises. She would not do well in a home with dogs or other animals, even if they are kept in a separate area. She could be friendly with other cats, but would need to be carefully introduced. Note that she will be very afraid when she enters her new home, and she may take longer than usual to adjust. Be prepared to introduce every member of your household gradually and gently, and to give her a separate, safe space to retreat to when there are guests in the house. She takes time to come around, but once she does she is the most wonderful kitten. 

A home check will be required for anyone interested in adopting Pebbles and Sandy.

For More Information
For more pictures and videos of this pair, see or on Instagram @savethecatstt. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Aara via social media, phone call, WhatsApp, or email at 



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