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Pet Adoption Details


Kittens for adoption

  • Kittens for adoption
  • Kittens for adoption
  • Kittens for adoption
  • Kittens for adoption
  • Kittens for adoption
Type : Adoption
Date : November 19, 2020
Estimated Animal Age : 6

5 kittens looking for their furever home.
This is a long story. The mother cat was abandoned in my area less than a month old along with her siblings. Most of which were killed off. Only her and her sister remained. The sister was unfortunately injured by a dog and had broken hind legs. With the help of many persons I was able to get her the attention and care she needed. This girl however was always coming and going. She would disappear for days and was very difficult to catch. We eventually realised she was hiding in the car and would go to work with my mom. She still didn’t allow me to touch. I gradually started gaining her trust despite my dogs being very hostile towards her. I placed her for adoption however no one came forward. I started caring for her and at around 4 months old, just 2 weeks before her appointment to be spayed I realised she was pregnant. The vet was reluctant to carry through with the spay and hence the pregnancy was allowed. She gave birth to a litter of 6. 2 females, 4 females. One of the females found a home. The other 5 are up for adoption. The mother is due to be spayed this week. I’m not allowing another pregnancy. The kittens are very playful, eating wet food and are semi litter trained. If anyone finds it in their heart to give these kittens a home, please reach out. I am just a student without an income so caring for that much kittens will become tough. I know I will be chastised for not getting the mother spayed but everything happened so quickly. 



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