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List Of NGO & Shelters

About Animal NGO & Shelters

There are a few animal organizations in Trinidad & Tobago. All of them are NGOs, which means that they rely on donations which they rarely get and use money from their personal pockets to fund their operations. As you can see most of them are a “one-man-show” where this one person has to do the work of many. This year, three of them had to close their doors because they simply had no funds and outstanding arrears. It’s not that they cannot manage properly, but because they simply could not refuse when people call and drop cases on them abruptly.

When donation drives or fund raisers come along, many of these same people do not participate or support them. Some even refuse or make up silly excuses when these same organizations call them back to assist with a case for transport or small errands. Now when these organizations start to turn away cases or suggest that they handle the cases on their own, they get snide/ nasty remarks from people. We are asking you all, to please take into consideration that these organizations are doing the best they can and have their hands tied most of the time.

If you see an animal in need to be rescued, make a post about it and ask for help yourself. Arrange transport with those who are willing to help you and get them boarded by a vet until they are ready to be fostered or adopted. While they are at the vet, spread their pictures everywhere with the vet’s name, location and account number for donations. It’s the same thing the organizations do, nothing different. If it’s a dire case then ask the organizations for help. If they cannot, please do not guilt trip them into taking the animal.

When organizations are overwhelmed, it puts their current cases at risk because they will not have money to pay their bills, feed their rescue animals or give them the medical attention they require thus leaving them to shut their doors.

Squiddles Animal Foundation 4 Everyone - SAFE


Squiddles Animal Foundation 4 Everyone - SAFE

Squiddles Animal Foundation 4 Everyone (S.A.F.E.) is a Foundation that caters for 112 Cats. We provide shelter, medical assistance and homes for Cats in need of a home.

We also provide a temporary NO KILL Shelter.

Animals Alive

Call 321-7487 or 709-1151

We have set up a sanctuary where homeless, abandoned and rescued animals can be housed, treated, rehabilitated, re-homed or kept to live out their lives with dignity. Every effort will be made to re-settle these animals into safe and loving domestic situations or returned to a safe, natural habitat.


Animal Defence Society

Call (868) 791-6516 To Donate

To secure the welfare and promote the humane treatment of the canines within Trinidad and Tobago through education and the revision of legislation.



The Mustapha Project

To save a life and make a change one step at a time.

Project aims at raising funds to assist animals while generating awareness.

We all can do a small part in making a huge difference to bring about CHANGE.


Paw Pets

Call (868) 761-1202

Paw Pets is run by a family dedicated to rescuing & rehabilitating stray and abandoned animals until they can be placed in loving, safe and secure homes.



Animal Welfare Network

Call (868) 761-1202

Our mission is to find caring homes for unwanted or abandoned animals; to reduce pet overpopulation through sterilization; to promote public awareness of society’s responsibilities towards animals; and to offer support and advice on animal emergencies, rescues, fostering and rehoming.

Lulu Animal Shelter

Call (868) 794 3835 To Donate

Since 2002, Lulu’s Animal Shelter has been assisting people with rescuing and rehoming of dogs and cats, puppies and kittens. Although Lulu’s does not have a physical structure to keep the animals, we try our best to get animals off the street and to good responsible homes.


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