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About Us - What We Are About is a website and community dedicated to animal welfare in Trinidad & Tobago. Our main goals are highlighting:

1. Animals in need of rescuing.
2. Animals for adoption.
3. Lost & found animals.
4. Fostering of animals.
5. Educating the public about animal welfare.
6. Animal cruelty cases.
7. Lobbying for animal rights in Trinidad & Tobago.
8. Supporting & donating to legitimate animal rescue organizations, groups and shelters.

We firmly believe that can make a big difference in Trinidad & Tobago. We encourage all animal lovers and rescuers who wish to make a change to help us in the fight to make our country a better place for all animals. Trinipets is a one stop for everything pet/animal related.

To Kitty The Reason Why We Do This!

Kitty / Mama / Racoon Tail / T mama

This website is dedicated to our sweet, loving and precious daughter Kitty who crossed the rainbow bridge on June 20th, 2017. She is the driving force behind this website and why we began rescuing animals as she was our first rescue. She taught us how to love endlessly without bounds, strength, compassion, empathy and most important – how to rescue others just like her.

Because of her, many lives were rescued and saved and now in their forever homes. She may be gone, but her memory lives on in everything we do.

We will always remember you and love you.

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