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Animal sales and stud services, are not permitted on Pet Forums. Accordingly, we ask that our members do not solicit any animals (or stud services) on our forums. We request that members do not include any links in their messages to sites that sell animals.

Ads from reputable non-profit rescue organizations for adoptable pets are permitted in our Pet Adoptions forum.

Creating posts for the purpose of advertising, or sales postings, are not allowed in any of our discussion forums.

New members are asked not to post links in their posts. Well established members who choose to link to a particular item they're talking about are welcome to do so.

Advertising or promotion of other animal forums or social networks is not allowed.

Offensive content in any form is forbidden on these forums.

Users who violate these policies may have their posts edited or removed, and may have their accounts terminated.

Posted : 21/07/2019 7:35 pm
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